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    Buying Your Shared Ownership Property

    Specialist Solicitors: Shared Ownership

    Where possible you should aim to understand exactly how much your solicitor is going to charge.  This gives you certainty at the outset as to the amount you will need to pay and will enable you to budget properly. At the same time as instructing your solicitor, you are likely to be paying out surveyor’s fees and mortgage arrangement fees, so you want to plan your finances ahead as accurately as possible. We can supply a fixed charge quotation ahead of time to add to your certainty.

    Humphreys & Co. are specialist shared ownership solicitors and would be pleased to offer their fixed charge quotation for handling your shared ownership purchase, sale or staircasing transaction.

    To give you a NO OBLIGATION QUOTATION, we need you to email us the following details:


    ·                     full value of the property;

    ·                     percentage share you are buying;

    ·                     price to be paid for that share;

    ·                     (if you know it) the amount of rent you are to pay on the remaining share (to enable us to work out the stamp duty);

    ·                     (if you know it) the date of expiry of the housing association’s current valuation of the property

    ·                     the name of your lender;

    ·                     if the property is brand new or being purchased second hand from an existing owner.

    Use this email address:

    Meanwhile some general information on comparing conveyancing quotations is at

    Our lawyers are our strength

    Our clients are multicultural. Our people reflect that diversity. For us there is no “one size fits all”.

    We are not a legal factory. For us, independent representation for buyers is key.


    Humphreys & Co. offer “no-move – no-fee” terms, so if the transaction does not reach completion you will only have to pay for any expenses already incurred at the time you decide not to proceed.

     For a detailed quotation specific to your chosen property,


    or call us on: 0207 183 8840,

    or visit our website at: