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    The Acas model workplace

    Acas model workplace

    The Acas Model Workplace draws on our unique experience to set out a range of factors which can make your business more successful. It provides you with a yardstick against which you can measure the effectiveness of your employment relationships and can help you to identify areas for development.

    Good working relationships are important for every business. Acas advisers work with employers and their employees to improve behaviour and relationships, to make sure procedures and processes are in place and working well, and to agree any training needed to make the workplace work better.

    Our aim is to create effective workplaces.

    Thirty years experience has convinced us beyond all doubt that getting people to work well together is the key to improving performance and the quality of working life. Research evidence such as that in the series of Workplace Employment Relations Studies confirms our practical experience.

    When you examine the Acas Model you may identify some aspects of employment relationships in your organisation which need attention. If you decide that you require outside assistance to implement change, then Acas is ideally equipped to provide this help. Acas has an enviable reputation for independence and impartiality and we have over 30 years experience of helping employers, employees and their representatives to deal with issues and put measures in place to bring about long term improvements in the workplace.

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