Experienced solicitors providing help &  advice to those seeking to claim compensation for medical negligence & malpractice.

Solicitors here advise on and conduct claims for clients throughout the UK arising from allegations of inadequate medical or other health care causing damage.

No win no fee may be available for strong claims

Representation under Legal Aid funding is not offered

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    “I cannot find words to express my thanks for everything you have done for us. We would both like you to know how grateful we are for the way in which you have conducted our case. You have brought it to a satisfactory conclusion in such a short time and have made it easier than we ever thought possible.”

    People do suffer occasional medical care accidents

    Millions of people are treated by doctors, dentists, nurses and other healthcare workers every year.

    Most of this treatment is of very high quality, administered by teams of dedicated professionals

    However, a small number of patients treated every year may be the victim of a medical accident.

    Medical professionals do not intend that care or procedures they apply go wrong or have adverse consequences

    But where an accident can be attributed to incompetent care or lack of judgment, it may be possible to bring a claim for compensation.

    Solicitors here are experienced in bringing and pursuing such claims.

    For information about professional negligence claims involving advisers other than healthcare workers, go to Professional Negligence.

    For material on other types of negligence claim, go to Negligence (general) .

    No win no fee may be available for strong claims

    Representation under Legal Aid funding is however not offered