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    Admiralty, Commercial and London Mercantile Courts

    Admiralty Court

    The Admiralty Court deals with shipping and maritime disputes, such as:

    • collision
    • salvage
    • carriage of cargo
    • limitation
    • mortgage disputesThe Court has an in rem procedure (a claim relating to a ship itself). It can arrest vessels and cargoes and sell them within the jurisdiction of England and Wales. Commercial CourtThe Commercial Court deals with complex cases arising out of business disputes, both national and international. There is particular emphasis on:
      • international trade
      • banking
      • commodity
      • arbitration disputes London Mercantile CourtThe London Mercantile Court deals with business disputes, both national and international. It is designed to deal with claims of lesser value and complexity than the Commercial Court.The Mercantile Court also sits at the following locations:

        Liverpool and Manchester Our Offices

        Their Business

      • Fixing hearings and trials before Judges.
      • Lodging Case Management Bundles, and other papers/bundles for hearings and trials before Judges.
      • Updating Case Management Bundles and Hearing Bundles.
      • Doing searches in the Register of Claims
      • Lodging progress monitoring sheets, ADR reports and related correspondence.
      • Lodging applications for and notifications of extensions of time and variations to timetables by letterRegistry – EB 13
        • Issuing Claim Forms and applications.
        • Issuing Warrants of Arrest for the arrest of vessels and lodging cautions against arrest or release.
        • Entering default judgments.
        • Lodging all other documents for filing.
        • Lodging without notice applications, consent orders and draft orders for approval of judiciary, and collecting thereafter.
        • Getting copies of approved orders sealed.
        • Requesting certificates for use abroad. Inspection of documents and photocopying requests.
        • Fixing hearings before Master Miller (the Admiralty Registrar) in Admiralty or Commercial cases unless the estimate is more than one day in which case apply to the Master himself in Room E121.
        • Lodging bundles for hearings before Master Miller. Paying setting down fees.EB 15
          • Lodging payment schedules for payment out of funds in Court (Form200s).
            From HMCS website 19.2.07