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    TCC claims

    2.1  The following are examples of the types of claim which it may be appropriate to bring as TCC claims

    • building or other construction disputes, including claims for the enforcement of the decisions of adjudicators under the Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996;
    • engineering disputes;
    • claims by and against engineers, architects, surveyors, accountants and other specialised advisers relating to the services they provide;
    • claims by and against local authorities relating to their statutory duties concerning the development of land or the construction of buildings;
    • claims relating to the design, supply and installation of computers, computer software and related network systems;
    • claims relating to the quality of goods sold or hired, and work done, materials supplied or services rendered;
    • claims between landlord and tenant for breach of a repairing covenant;
    • claims between neighbours, owners and occupiers of land in trespass, nuisance etc;
    • claims relating to the environment (for example, pollution cases);
    • claims arising out of fires;
    • claims involving taking of accounts where these are complicated; and
    • challenges to decisions of arbitrators in construction and engineering disputes including applications for permission to appeal and appeals.

    2.2  A claim given as an example in paragraph 2.1 will not be suitable for this specialist list unless it demonstrates the characteristics in rule 60.1(3). Similarly, the examples are not exhaustive and other types of claim may be appropriate to this specialist list.

    How to start a TCC claim

    3.1  TCC claims must be issued in the High Court or in a county court specified in this practice direction.

    3.2  The claim form must be marked in the top right hand corner ‘Technology and Construction Court’ below the words ‘The High Court, Queen’s Bench Division’ or ‘The County Court’.

    3.3  TCC claims brought in the High Court outside London may be issued in any District Registry, but it is preferable that wherever possible they should be issued in one of the following District Registries, in which a TCC judge will usually be available –Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Chester, Exeter, Leeds, Liverpool, Newcastle, Nottingham and Salford.

    3.4  The county courts in which a TCC claim may be issued are the following – Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Central London, Chester, Exeter, Leeds, Liverpool, Newcastle, Nottingham and Salford.