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    Whenever we are asked to undertake legal work in relation to liquor licensing work, we offer a full, detailed, costs quotation, including our own time charges and the method of calculating these, as well as likely expenses needing to be incurred in the course of the proposed work if this proceeds as originally envisaged.

    All charges detailed in that quotation will be subject to VAT payable in addition.

    We do not offer one-size-fits-all costs quotations. The basis of our charging and likely total costs through to the conclusion will depend on the nature of each individual matter. Our charges may be on a time & materials basis, or on a fixed charge basis, or in appropriate  cases on a contingency basis, depending on the nature of each individual matter.

    Our charges are calculated by reference to then current rates, with expenses in addition.

    Liquor licensing applications can vary greatly in legal costs, depending on the nature and location of the premises, the variety of activities sought to be permitted, and the hours applied for. 

    We would anticipate supplying a specific costs estimate along the lines of the below range if asked for a costs quotation in a straightforward matter.

    The below numbers are exclusive of expenses, such as Council’s fees, and VAT, which are payable in addition:

    New application – £750 – £1,000
    Major variation – £600 – £850
    Minor variation – £400 – £500
    DPS change – £250
    Transfer – £250
    DPS change and transfer submitted at the same time – £350.

    Any legal staff member leading the work on the matter day-to-day will have appropriate skills and experience sufficient to competently do that work, as will the senior staff member or partner responsible for supervising the work.

    In our quotation letter, or by email or letter sent in parallel to or shortly after that, we will explain the projected key stages of the matter, with applicable information as to possible timescales.