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    Sienna Miller settles harassment claim for substantial damages

    The actress Sienna Miller is reported to have accepted £53,000 in damages, plus costs, to settle a claim brought under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 against the photographic agency Big Pictures (UK) Limited and its founder Darryn Lyons.

    Ms Miller complained about the defendants’ photographers pursuit of her, alleging that they employed reckless or dangerous methods (such as driving at high speed and through red lights) or engaged in behaviour calculated to be intimidating or abusive.
    The defendants also gave detailed undertakings not to photograph Ms Miller at her home, or pursue her for pictures or photograph her in buildings not open to the public or where she had a reasonable expectation of privacy.
    Ms Miller agreed that she would not have this reasonable expectation when she was entering or exiting a bar, restaurant or nightclub, or was on a public footpath or highway, provided she was not visibly upset or distressed, or attending a “red carpet” event.
    This is believed to be the first time that a celebrity has successfully sued photographers using anti-harassment legislation, which was passed in the aftermath of a number of highly publicised stalking cases, and could have significant implications for photographic agencies and newspapers.
    Practical Law 28.11.08