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    Employee relocation checklist

    Make sure your salary is adjusted if you are moving to a more expensive area

    Check local schools thoroughly; private education may be necessary; ensure your salary reflects this

    You should be given a full home search service, preferably through a relocation agent

    If your employer offers to pay for accommodation while you house-hunt, ask how long the arrangement will last

    Package should include help in job hunting for your spouse and in providing flexible family care

    Insist that your company pays for you and your spouse (preferably the whole family) to investigate the new location. 


    Employee relocation benefits: Inland Revenue Rules (as at 1.3.2000)

    First £8,000 of any help received from your employer is exempt from tax. Expenses must be incurred or benefits provided before the end of the tax year following the tax year in which you start a new job. 

    Costs covered by exemption include:

    Costs of disposing of existing home including solicitors’ and estate agents’ fees

    Removal costs

    Temporary storage of goods and insurance of goods in transit

    Connection of power and water supplies in new home


    Lump sum given by employer for use as you wish

    Compensation for losses, such as having to give up a part-used season ticket

    Cost of having to join a new sports or social club

    Purchase of uniforms for your children’s new school

    Source: Inland Revenue Leaflet IRI34

    “Financial Times”