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    Classifications for EU design registrations

    A new edition of the International Classification for Industrial Designs (Locarno Classification) enters into force at the beginning of next year. OHIM will apply the 9th edition of the Locarno Classification as of 1 January 2009 for all the applications for registered Community designs (RCD) filed on or after that date.

    Pending RCD applications or already registered Community designs having a filing date prior to 1 January 2009 will not be reclassified and there will be no option for their reclassification available to the RCD applicant or proprietor, not even at the time of renewal of the RCD.

    The major changes introduced are:

    • introduction of a new class 32-00 with title “Graphic symbols and logos, surface patterns, ornamentation” for the products like get-up, graphic designs, graphic symbols, logos, ornamentation and surface patterns;
    • deletion of class 99-00 and reclassification of its products to other classes;
    • introduction of 99 new product terms.

    OHIM press release November 2008