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Solicitors at Humphreys & Co. always aim to approach legal work in a financially-disciplined way. We offer competitive rates. Our charging approach is both transparent and geared to the options open to our clients. Our solicitors generally charge by reference to time spent but we can often agree fixed fees for specific work or in some cases risk-adjusted funding structures.

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Trademark registration: names & brands

Trademark registration costs for UK, EU, Middle East, Asia brands, company names & logos: worldwide trademark protection specialist solicitors

Worldwide trademark registration specialists, we register brands for clients by a single registration across Europe (EU), in individual EU member states (e.g. UK), Middle East, US, Far East, Asia, Africa, North & South America.  Worldwide brand management is our expertise - advice and representation on registration in all countries, all territories. We handle enforcement of registrations through registered trademark infringement claims & defences, passing off proceedings, and all litigation in the London intellectual property courts.

How much do you spend advertising & promoting the company names you use to brand the origin of your goods and services in your most important world markets?


Registration of trademarks: How significant is the cost of getting trademark registration for your brands in the context of your total advertising spend?


How much is your budget for brand registration & protection from infringement and passing off by your competitors in the important markets where your business makes its sales? How does it compare with your marketing budget?

Is exclusivity in your badges of origin in the market of substantial commercial value for your business? If yes, then trademark registration of your brands should be seriously considered. It takes time and expense to build up a loyal consumer base, an investment well worth protecting.


Registering a trademark, and enforcing that registration though legal proceedings is protecting your brand.


But being able to defend your rights to use trade names and trademarks, the use of which does not amount to registered trademark infringement or passing off in breach of the rights of others, is equally vital in the marketplace.


Secure perpetual monopoly rights for your brand names in important commercial markets with a strategy for your trademarks that stops competitors using the attractive force that should be bringing in business for you alone.

Where should you consider registering your trademarks?
  • Country: Afghanistan   
  • Country: Albania   
  • Country: Algeria   
  • Country: Andorra   
  • Country: Argentina
  • Country: Aruba   
  • Country: Australia   
  • Country: Austria   
  • Country: Bahamas   
  • Country: Bahrain   
  • Country: Bangladesh   
  • Country: Barbados   
  • Country: Belarus   
  • Country: Belgium   
  • Country: Bermuda   
  • Country: Bhutan   
  • Country: Bolivia   
  • Country: Bosnia & Herz.   
  • Country: Brazil   
  • Country: Brunei    
  • Country: Bulgaria   
  • Country: Cambodia   
  • Country: Cameroon   
  • Country: Canada   
  • Country: Channel Islands   
  • Country: Chile   
  • Country: China, PRC   
  • Country: Colombia   
  • Country: Congo, Rep. of   
  • Country: Costa Rica   
  • Country: Croatia    
  • Country: Cuba   
  • Country: Cyprus    
  • Country: Czech Republic   
  • Country: Denmark   
  • Country: Djibouti   
  • Country: Dominican Rep.
  • Country: Ecuador   
  • Country: Egypt   
  • Country: El Salvador   
  • Country: Estonia   
  • Country: Ethiopia   
  • Country: Fiji    
  • Country: Finland   
  • Country: France   
  • Country: Georgia, Rep. of   
  • Country: Germany   
  • Country: Ghana   
  • Country: Gibraltar   
  • Country: Greece   
  • Country: Guatemala   
  • Country: Haiti       
  • Country: Honduras   
  • Country: Hong Kong   
  • Country: Hungary   
  • Country: Iceland   
  • Country: India       
  • Country: Indonesia    
  • Country: Iran       
  • Country: Ireland   
  • Country: Israel    
  • Country: Italy       
  • Country: Jamaica   
  • Country: Japan       
  • Country: Jordan   
  • Country: Kazakhstan   
  • Country: Kenya   
  • Country: Kuwait   
  • Country: Laos        
  • Country: Latvia   
  • Country: Lebanon   
  • Country: Liechtenstein   
  • Country: Lithuania   
  • Country: Luxembourg   
  • Country: Macau   
  • Country: Macedonia   
  • Country: Malaysia   
  • Country: Malta       
  • Country: Mexico   
  • Country: Moldova   
  • Country: Monaco   
  • Country: Mongolia    
  • Country: Morocco   
  • Country: Myanmar   
  • Country: Nepal   
  • Country: Netherlands   
  • Country: Neth. Antilles   
  • Country: New Zealand   
  • Country: Nicaragua   
  • Country: Nigeria   
  • Country: North Korea    
  • Country: Norway    
  • Country: Oman
  • Country: Pakistan
  • Country: Palestine
  • Country: Panama
  • Country: Papua New Guinea
  • Country: Paraguay
  • Country: Peru
  • Country: Philippines
  • Country: Poland
  • Country: Portugal
  • Country: Qatar
  • Country: Romania
  • Country: Russia
  • Country: Saudi Arabia
  • Country: Sierra Leone
  • Country: Singapore
  • Country: Slovak Republic
  • Country: Slovenia
  • Country: South Africa
  • Country: South Korea
  • Country: Spain
  • Country: Sri Lanka, Rep. of
  • Country: St Kitts-Nevis
  • Country: Sudan
  • Country: Suriname
  • Country: Sweden
  • Country: Switzerland
  • Country: Syria
  • Country: Taiwan
  • Country: Thailand
  • Country: Trinidad/Tobago
  • Country: Tunisia
  • Country: Turkey
  • Country: Turkmenistan
  • Country: Turks/Caicos
  • Country: Ukraine
  • Country: UAE
  • Country: UK
  • Country: United States
  • Country: Uruguay
  • Country: Venezuela
  • Country: Vietnam
  • Country: Virgin Islands
  • Country: Yemen
  • Country: Yugoslavia
  • Country: Zimbabwe

Trademark factsheets

For details about the benefits of trademark registration, the services we offer and our standard charges please click below to download a factsheet:


 You can also contact us for further details.  


Our trademark services


Trademarks: Brand identity can be crucial to success in the marketplace. Clients and international correspondent firms ask our solicitors to handle:


  • applications for trademark registration in the United Kingdom alone, in the EU member states ("community trade mark applications") and multi-jurisdictional "international" applications
  • oppositions to applications for trademark registration
  • renewals of trademark registrations
  • trademarks generator advice
  • devising and policing international trademark protection programmes
  • transferring title to registered trademarks by assignments
  • claims for injunctions and damages in infringement of registered trademark and passing off proceedings
  • proceedings for the revocation of registered trademarks and challenges to validity
  • negotiating and documenting trademark licences and franchising
  • securing and transferring domain names
  • devising and policing domain name clean-up programmes

How extensive is trademark protection?

Almost all countries in the world register and protect trademarks. Each national or regional office maintains a Register of Trademarks which contains full application information on all registrations and renewals, facilitating examination, search, and potential opposition by third parties. The effects of such a registration are, however, limited to the country (or, in the case of a regional registration, countries) concerned.

In order to avoid the need to register separately with each national or regional office, WIPO administers
a system of international registration of marks. This system is governed by two treaties, the Madrid Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Marks and the Madrid Protocol. A person who has a link (through nationality, domicile or establishment) with a country party to one or both of these treaties may, on the basis of a registration or application with the trademark office of that country, obtain an international registration having effect in some or all of the other countries of the Madrid Union. At present, more than 60 countries are party to one or both of the agreements.

European registration

The Community trademark gives its proprietor a uniform right applicable in all Member States of the European Union on the strength of a single procedure which simplifies trade mark policies at European level. It fulfils the three essential functions of a trademark at European level: it identifies the origin of goods and services, guarantees consistent quality through evidence of the company's commitment to the consumer, and is a form of communication, a basis for publicity and advertising.

To file a single Europe CTM trademark application in up to 3 classes covering the 27 CTM EU countries we offer a total cost of £1,470* (UK pounds) (including official fees).

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands and the UK.

* This costing excludes VAT (chargeable in addition if we are instructed from within the UK) and bank transfer charges and may vary in accordance with exchange rates current from time to time.

Are your brands protected against infringement?

Commercial focus: detailed scopes of work: transparent costings: clarity

A selection of our client feedback:

"You have been very clear and very helpful, we are ready to proceed." (Italy)

"Thanks for the... information and the highly professional way in which you managed our account......"

"I would like to extend my thanks for the thorough and professional job you have done to get us this far......"

"I am particularly impressed with the service that I have received from Humphreys & Co and would offer a very positive testimonial upon request......"

"I should congratulate your firm on producing such a clear and informative document......"

"Each one of [your team] is very good in terms of knowledge, promptness in evaluating as well as responding to my inquiries regarding intellectual property issues and providing the services I request with a great deal of competence. They provide very helpful direction with respect to recommended action to take. I am very impressed with their legal skills. In comparison to other firms with whom I deal, Humphreys' services are superb......"

"Your team have been great to work with so far, a real pleasure. They explained all of the options ahead of us in a clear, precise and professional manner......"


Solicitors here can supply the energy and depth in intellectual property law which companies, businesspeople and correspondent firms need in a competitive world marketplace to manage their intellectual property rights successfully, including in relation to:

  • internet
  • joint ventures
  • know-how & show-how
  • licensing & franchising
  • litigation, arbitration, mediation
  • media & publishing
  • patents (licensing, transfer & litigation)
  • passing off
  • technology transfer
  • trade marks
  • unfair competition
  • business & company acquisitions & sales
  • computer software
  • confidential information
  • copyrights
  • database rights
  • defamation & malicious falsehood
  • designs (registered & unregistered)
  • employee obligations
  • EU treaty regulations
  • free trade
  • information technology
  • music business

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