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Solicitors at Humphreys & Co. always aim to approach legal work in a financially-disciplined way. We offer competitive rates. Our charging approach is both transparent and geared to the options open to our clients. Our solicitors generally charge by reference to time spent but we can often agree fixed fees for specific work or in some cases risk-adjusted funding structures.

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Libel (defamation)

Defamation of character: libel law solicitors: London libel: Humphreys: Solicitors: UK libel laws: defamation of character, libel & malicious falsehood claims: suing for libel & protection from harassment injunctions: London & UK courts.

Solicitors here advise on and conduct legal proceedings seeking damages for defamation (libel and slander) and the publication of malicious falsehoods. Our solicitors represent both claimants and defendants.

To bring a viable action in the English courts, you would need to be able to show that publication occurred in England or Wales.

A claimant in a defamation action must show that the words they complain of would be understood by a hypothetical reasonable reader (i.e. requires publication to a third party) to refer to them and to bear a meaning defamatory of them, that is, a meaning which would tend to lower their reputation in the eyes

of right-thinking members of society.

We offer a fixed charge initial analysis of your case with options and recommendations

The actual effect of the publication of the words is irrelevant to whether they are defamatory: this is determined by reference to right-thinking members of society only. A claimant must also show that the words complained of have been communicated (published) to a third party.

Anyone involved in the publication of the words will be liable unless they can establish a defence.

A defence can be for the defendant to show that although defamatory its words were published pursuant to the discharge of a public duty (e.g. reporting suspicion of a crime to the authorities) and are thereby privileged from suit but such a defence is vitiated if the claimant can show that the words complained of were published with malice. It is a defence for the defendant to show justification, meaning substantial truth of the words complained of.


Libel proceedings are very expensive and because trials are in front of a jury rather than judge alone (uniquely amongst civil proceedings) their outcome is inherently more unpredictable than many kinds of proceedings. It is therefore wise to get advice from an experienced solicitor at the outset.

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Humphreys & Co., solicitors Bristol

We take instructions from UK & international clients. Our independent lawyers are available by email, telephone & fax. With central Bristol offices we are just 90 minutes from London by road or rail and 15 minutes from Bristol International Airport. We can travel to meetings if required.

Independent approach
We are an independent professional law firm here, not a legal factory turning out mass-produced products. In our experience, determined case-handling is more likely to produce effective results.

Turnaround time
Solicitors at Humphreys & Co. look to input not only careful legal work and precision but also the determination to keep matters moving. They aim to work in clients' real interests with energy and pragmatism.

Communication skills
Solicitors at Humphreys & Co. always try to open up the legal process by giving advice and explaining options to clients in a concise and straightforward way, identifying clear courses of action whatever the technical or legal complexities of the subject.
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